VOICE CHANGE SET-2(mixed)-CLASS 5-10(solved)


Change the voice of the followings-

  1. The hunter killed the tiger.
  2. The police have caught the thief.
  3. Twelve-month make a year.
  4. The tiger was chasing the deer.
  5. Please post this letter.
  6. She has written a novel.
  7. He has missed the train.
  8. I did not beat her.
  9. They used the towels.
  10. I know him.
  11. Music interests me.
  12. Someone stole his car.
  13. The shop is building.
  14. She cleans my shoes.
  15. He hurt his leg in an accident.
  16. He usually buys the tickets.
  17. He should respect his elders.
  18. He opened the bottle easily.
  19. She had received the parcel.
  20. God loves all man.


  1. The tiger was killed by the hunter.
  2. The thief has been caught by the police.
  3. A year is made of twelve months.
  4. The deer was being chased by the tiger.
  5. You are requested to post this letter.
  6. A novel has been written by her.
  7. The train has been missed by him.
  8. She was not beaten by me.
  9. The towels were used by them.
  10. He is known to me.
  11. I am interested in music.
  12. His car was stolen.
  13. The shop is being built.
  14. My shoes are cleaned by her.
  15. His leg was hurt in an accident.
  16. The tickets are usually bought by him.
  17. His elders should be respected by him.
  18. The bottle was opened by him easily.
  19. The parcel had been received by her.
  20. All men are loved by God.