VOICE CHANGE SET-1(mixed)-CLASS 5-10(solved)


Change the voice of the followings-

  1. Puja made a cake yesterday.
  2. America was discovered by Columbus.
  3. The police arrested a militant and sent him to jail.
  4. It is necessary to help the poor.
  5. The fruit tastes sweet.
  6. I have to stay here.
  7. My sister has to buy a new car.
  8. It is your duty to help your children.
  9. I found his friends laughing at him.
  10. It is time to wind up business.
  11. Don’t look down upon the poor.
  12. I have heard her sing a song.
  13. Somebody has picked my pocket.
  14. Nobody can change destiny.
  15. I remember my mother taking me to doctor.
  16. People considered that he is honest.
  17. Did she do her duty?
  18. They made him king.
  19. She likes that I should help her.
  20. Grass grows over the fields.


  1. A cake was made by Puja yesterday.
  2. Columbus discovered America.
  3. A militant was arrested by police and sent to jail.
  4. The poor are required to be helped.
  5. The fruit is sweet when tested.
  6. I am obliged to stay here.
  7. A new car has to be bought by my sister.
  8. You are supposed to help your children.
  9. I found him being laughed at by his friends.
  10. It is time for the business to be wound up.
  11. The poor should not be looked down poor.
  12. She has been heard to sing a song.
  13. My pocket has been picked.
  14. Destiny cannot be changed.
  15. I remember being taken to doctor by my mother.
  16. He is considered to be honest.
  17. Was her duty done by her?
  18. He was made king.
  19. She likes to be helped. (by me)
  20. The fields are overgrown with grass.