Grammar is an indispensable part of learning English Language. This has to be done in a perfectly planned and systematic manner. And while learning prepositions, one must be very minute in understanding the details of the topic. has come up with this systematic, comprehensive way of learning where a learner will undoubtedly be able to grasp the essence of the topic for Tense Conversion – Practice English Tenses. So, let us go through the exercise Rewrite the sentences.

Write a present simple sentence, then change it into 17 other tenses (where possible):

General Time:

  1. Present Simple: __________________________________________
  2. Zero Conditional: __________________________________________
  3. Present Continuous: __________________________________________
  4. Present Perfect: __________________________________________
  5. Present Perfect Continuous: ________________________________________
  6. Imperative Form: __________________________________________
  7. Past Simple: __________________________________________
  8. Past Continuous: __________________________________________
  9. Past Perfect: __________________________________________
  10. Past Perfect Continuous: __________________________________________
  11. Third Conditional: __________________________________________
  12. Future Simple: __________________________________________
  13. Future Continuous: __________________________________________
  14. Future with ‘going to’: __________________________________________
  15. First Conditional: __________________________________________
  16. Second Conditional: __________________________________________
  17. Future Perfect: __________________________________________
  18. Future Perfect Continuous: _________________________________________

For each tense:
Extension 1: Write the negative form of the sentence, then a question form (yes/no or wh-)
Extension 2: Write the three sentences in reported speech (where possible!)
Extension 3: Write the three sentences in the passive voice
Extension 4: Write the three passive sentences in reported speech