Question Forms Using Verb ‘to have’ as an Auxiliary Verb-(Present Perfect Tense) 3

Question Forms Using Verb ‘to have’

Rearrange the words in each sentence to make a question using verb ‘to have’ as an auxiliary verb in the present perfect tense. Don’t forget to put a capital letter at the start
of each sentence and a question mark at the end:

  1. when you got to have go

  1. he why hasn’t painting finished bathroom the

  1. finished have your meal you

  1. heard you the new CD Bon Jovi have by

  1. what saying have to been they you

  1. what hair you your have done to

  1. photos has he done what my with

  1. holiday where have been on they

  1. she who has talking been to

  1. haven’t why tidied you up

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