Grammar is an indispensable part of learning English Language. This has to be done in a perfectly planned and systematic manner. And while learning prepositions, one must be very minute in understanding the details of the topic. has come up with this systematic, comprehensive way of learning where a learner will undoubtedly be able to grasp the essence of the topic for Question Forms (Past Simple Tense). So, let us go through the exercise Rewrite the sentences.

Rearrange the words in each sentence to make a question forms in past simple tense.

Don’t forget to put a capital letter at the start of each sentence and a question mark at the end:

  1. company you which did recommend taxi__________________________________________
  1. last watch did film you night that__________________________________________
  1. did you learning when English start__________________________________________
  1. results your about you ask did__________________________________________
  1. call your morning why this you boss did__________________________________________
  1. did Tina say to what you__________________________________________
  1. on parcel arrive time your did__________________________________________
  1. go how your did exam__________________________________________
  1. you did party who to invite your__________________________________________
  1. the rest did where go cheesecake of the__________________________________________