Put in Some or Any?

1. Here are some sentences with any. Which word in each sentence gives the ‘negative kind of meaning’: Examples: He never listens to anyone. We’ve hardly got any cat food.

1 The baby refuses to eat anything.

2 I doubt that you’ll find any bread now.

3 There was hardly anybody in town.

4 You never get any sense out of her.

5 You seldom hear any birds here.

6 I left the house without any money.

2. Affirmative/negative: choose the right word.

1 I can’t find (some/any) butter, but we’ve got (some/any) margarine.

2 Emma has got (some/any) old pictures of the house to show us.

3 1 haven’t got (something/anything) to wear to the party.

4 There aren’t (some/any) buses on Sunday.

5 Helen brought me (sorne/any)beautiful roses from her garden.

6 There’s (somebody/anybody) waiting for you at reception.

3. Questions: Choose some/any/somebody/anybody/something/anythhig.

1 Did you meet _____________________interesting at the party?

2 Can I offer you ________________ wine?

3 Shall we listen to ________________music?

4 Have yam got _________________ children?
5 Is there ________________I can do?

6 Would you like_______________ to help you?

7 Do you know ___________________ German?

4. Choose the right word.

1 Have you got (some/any) time free on Wednesday afternoon?

2 There’s (something/anything) strange about the way Pete’s acting today.

3 Nobody can find out (something/anything) about when the exams will be.

4 Is there (something/anything) we should bring to the meeting?

5 (Some/My) of Laura’s Mends were at the party last night

6 Shall bring you (something/anything) to read while you wait?

7 I had three sets of house keys, and I can’t Bnd (some/any) of them now.

8 Hardly (some/any) of the smaller cars have enough legroom for Jill.

9 Do you know if (some/any) of the Mortises are coming on Sunday?

10 Can I get you (some/any) coffee? I’ve just made (some/any).

11 She refuses to have (something/anything) to do with her family now.

12 I haven’t done (some/ any) revision for the exam — I know I’ll fall.

13 If there’s (some /any) soup left, could you put it in the fridge, please?

14 I doubt that there’s (somethutg/anytiung) we can do now.
15 Never trust (someone/anyone) who has a perfectly tidy desk.

16 Helen can ride a bike without (some/any) help now.

17 Has Eve got (some/ any) brothers or sisters, do you know?

18 Harriet has got (some/any) beautiful jewellery, but she never wears it.