Grammar is an indispensable part of learning English Language. This has to be done in a perfectly planned and systematic manner. And while learning prepositions, one must be very minute in understanding the details of the topic. has come up with this systematic, comprehensive way of learning where a learner will undoubtedly be able to grasp the essence of the topic for Order of Adjectives in English 1. So, let us go through the exercise Rewrite the sentences.

A. This is the order of adjectives in English. Write a number beside each adjective to show which category it belongs to, then write 4 more adjectives for each(Order of Adjectives in English 1):

determineropinionsize / lengthshapeagecolouroriginmaterialpurposenoun
e.g. the12345678e.g. car

B. Write 10 sentences. Each one should have three adjectives together and finish with one of the following nouns:

fridge car spoon shirt book cup dogs website kitchen

For example: ‘My friend has a new grey Bosch fridge.’