Grammar is an indispensable part of learning English Language. This has to be done in a perfectly planned and systematic manner. And while learning prepositions, one must be very minute in understanding the details of the topic. has come up with this systematic, comprehensive way of learning where a learner will undoubtedly be able to grasp the essence of the topic for Irregular Plural Nouns. So, let us go through the exercise Rewrite the sentences.

Correct the error in each question and put the irregular plural nouns into alphabetical order, then answer the questions (Irregular Plural Nouns):

  1. Which Mediterranean beachs are the cleanest? ___________________
  2. Do you like tomatos? _______________________________
  3. How much do child’s shoes cost? ______________________
  4. How many lifes does a cat have? _____________________
  5. Which three citys are the largest in the world? ___________________
  6. What percentage of familys have three kids? ___________________
  7. What are the best partys you have ever been to? ________________
  8. How many kiss’s should we write in a formal letter?________________
  9. What is the best way to keep flys out of the house? ________________
  10. How much would it cost to buy four loafs of bread? ___________________
  11. How many churchs are there in your town? ____________________________
    12.What do most mans think about all day? _________________________
  12. How many wifes did King Henry VIII have? ____________________________
  13. Should circus’s be allowed to use animals? ____________________________
    15.What do we put in aquariums? _____________________________________
  14. How many foots does a millipede have? _______________________________
  15. At what age do babys usually start to walk? ____________________________
  16. How many stomachs do sheeps have? __________________________________
  17. How much do cherrys cost per kilogram? _______________________________
  18. Are you good at quiz’s? _______________________________
  19. How much do cherrys cost per kilogram? ____________________________
  20. Are you good at quiz’s? __________________________________