Grammar is an indispensable part of learning English Language. This has to be done in a perfectly planned and systematic manner. And while learning prepositions, one must be very minute in understanding the details of the topic. has come up with this systematic, comprehensive way of learning where a learner will undoubtedly be able to grasp the essence of the topic for -ing Adjective or -ed Adjective? 2. So, let us go through the exercise Rewrite the sentences.

Write an -ing adjective or an -ed adjective in each sentence(-ing Adjective or -ed Adjective? 2):

  1. My English lessons are rarely ________. (BORE)
  2. Our teacher was not ________ when Darren played a practical joke on him. (AMUSE)
  3. My uncle was ________ with his 50th birthday present. (THRILL)
  4. I’m not ________ in applying for a job as a travel agent. (INTEREST)
  5. When I lost my passport it was quite a ________ time for a few hours. (WORRY)
  6. My friend felt really ________ when she got the gig tickets that she wanted. (PLEASE)
  7. The story of how the hero saved the whole village was quite ________. (INSPIRE)
  8. We were really ________ after running eleven miles. (TIRE)
  9. The thought of another cream cake is rather ________. (TEMPT)
  10. It was so ________ when my dad sang. (EMBARRASS)