Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-5)

To learn the English language properly, a proper understanding of tenses is very important. Let us find out the same in Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-5)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms

1.If he____________________________tomorrow, we shall remind him.

a. Come                           c. Is coming

b. Comes                         d. Will come

2. When the rain_____________________we shall go out.

a. stop                               c. stops

b. will stop                        d. is stopping

3.  We can’t begin the meeting, until he_______________________ .

a. arrives                             c. is arriving

b. will arrive                       d. none of these

4.  A magnet ________________ iron filings.

a. attract                               c. attracted

b. is attracting                     d.  Attracts

5. He______________________________to bed by eleven o’clock every night.

a. go                                         c. gone

b. goes                                     d. is going

6.  The Olympic Games________________ place every four years.

a. have taking                          c. took

b. take                                      d. Taken

7. Usually, I _______________________to bed at around 11:00.

a. am going                                 c. will go

b. have gone                              d. go

8.  The sun_________________________in the east, and sets in the west.

  a. rises                                     c. will rise

b. rise                                      d. is rising

9.  He_________________guitar very well.

a. plays                                     c. play

b. will play                                d. none of the above

10. He__________________________________his family every weekend.

a. visit                                        c. will visit

b. visits                                       d. go


1.b. comes

2.c. stops

3.a. arrives

4.d. attracts

5.b. Goes

6.b. Take

7.d. go

8.a. rises

9.a. plays

10.b. visits