Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-4)

To learn the English language properly, a proper understanding of tenses is very important. Let us find out the same in Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-4)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms

1. Dew drops____________falling on grass as night                .

        a. start, fall                             c. starts, falls 

       b. start, falls                           d. None of these

2. He who________a pit for others, himself______________into it.

       a. digs, falls.                             c. dig, fall

       b. dig, falls                               d. None of these

3. Human beings______________pure air and________________impure air while breathing.

       a. inhales, exhales                  c.  Inhale, exhales 

       b. Inhale, exhale.                   d. Inhales, exhale

4. Meera______________________keen interest in academics

      a. Take.                                    c. Will take

      b. Takes.                                  d. Taking

5. Dew drops _________________falling on grass as night falls

      a. start.                                    c. starts     

      b. starting                               d. None of the above

6. The peasant________________________ the field.

      a. has Plough                          c. is Ploughed

      b. Ploughs                               d.  None of these

7. My father___________________excuses when I feel like going to the cinema.

    a. always builds                       c. Always makes

    b. Always make.                      d. None

8. My parents __________________in a two-bedroom apartment.

     a. live.                                         c are live

    b. lives                                        d. is Living

 9. My teacher_________________________me with my lessons.

    a. Helps.                                     c. is helps

    b. Help.                                       d. helping

10. She always_______________her native language.

   a. Speaks                                    c. Will speak

    b. Speak                                    d. Is speaking


1.b. start, falls 

2.a. digs, falls       

3.b. Inhale, exhale   

 4.b. Takes  

 5.a. start    

6.b. Ploughs   

 7.b. Always make   

 8.a. live.                                         

 9.a. Helps.  

 10.a. Speaks