Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-3)

To learn the English language properly, a proper understanding of tenses is very important. Let us find out the same in Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-3)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms

1. The daughter___________________after her mother.

       a. Took                      c. Takes 

       b. Take                     d. None of these

2. On taking, medicine his fever_________________.

        a. subsides               c. Subsiding

        b. Subsided               d. Subsided

3. Birds_____________________________their nests on trees.

       a. Builds                    c.  Building

       b. Build.                    d. None of the above

4. She__________________________everything on a yard sale.

       a. Sells                          c. Selles

       b. Sell                           d. None of the above

5. Rita__________________her son.

      a. Teaches.                      c. Teachs

      b. Teach                          d. None of the above

6.  Do you__________________vanilla ice-cream?

       a. like                              c. be like

       b. likes                            d. None of the above

7. I work twelve hours a day, but I ___________________my job.

       a. Loves                                c. Loving

       b. Love                                 d. Loved

8. The sun___________________________us light and heat.

       a. Give                           c. Given.

       b. Gives                        d. Will give

9. They_________________their kids to school every day.

       a. Drive.                            c. Is driving

       b. Drives.                           d. driven

10. My friends______________________their relatives every summer.

        a. Go.                                 c. Gone

        b. Goes                              d. Going


1.c. takes

2.a. subsides

3.b. Build

4.a. sells

5.a. teaches

6.a. like

7.b. Love

8.b. Gives

9.a. drive

10.a. go