Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-2)

To learn the English language properly, a proper understanding of tenses is very important. Let us find out the same in Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-2)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms

1.Reena her medicine when she is sick.

a. take c. is taking
b. takes d. should take

2.While taking a shower, Bill his hair with shampoo.

a. wash c. will wash
b. is washing d. Washes

3.It in December, in the US.

a. snows c. is snowing
b. is snowing d. will snow

4.He always his words.

a. keep c. keeps
b. is keeping d. will keep

5.The Ganges from the Himalayas.

a. is rising
c. rise
b. rises d. will rise

6.This train usually on time.

a. is running c. ran
b. had been running d. Runs

7.Barking dogs seldom.

a. bites c. will bite
b. bite d. is biting

8.Does Jake to school every day?

a. goes c. go
b. is going d. had gone

9.Beauty no ornaments.

a. will need c. is needing
b. need d. Needs

10.The milkman twice a day.

a. does not come c. does not comes
b. hasn’t come d. isn’t comes


a. takes

d. washes

a. snows

c. keeps

b. Rises

d. runs

b. Bite

c. go

d. needs

a. does not come