Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-1)

To learn the English language properly, a proper understanding of tenses is very important. Let us find out the same in Fill in the blanks with appropriate verbs (Tense Exercise-1)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms

1.Rita_______________________________to school on time.

a. come                                                c.  Is coming

b. comes                                              d.  Will come

2.  Milk_________________________ seventy rupees.

a. costs                                                 c. Is costing

b. cost                                                   d. will cost

3.  Children________________________in the assembly.       

a. sing                                                     c. Is singing

b. sings                                                   d. will sing

4.  Mohan_______________________________________apples, so he has one every day.

   a. is loving                                              c. loves

b. will love                                              d. Love

5.  She_______________________________________kites with her brother.

a. flies                                                       c. will fly

b. is flying                                                 d. had been flying

6.  He_______________________________________to jazz music, only tango.

a. doesn’t dance                                       c. is not dancing

b. will not dance                                       d. doesn’t dance

7.  Caroline always _________________________________about her.

a. complains                                               c. will complain

b. is complaining                                       d. was complaining

8.  “The lecture is going on for hours, but I____________________understand anything.

 a. don’t                                                        c. wasn’t

b. isn’t                                                          d. am not

 9.   How many of you__________________________coding.

a. knows                                                         c. does know

b. are knowing                                               d. know          

10.   She_______________________ like watching football.

a. doesn’t                                                        c. will not

b. isn’t                                                             d. don’t


1.b. Comes

2.a. costs

3.a. Sing

4.c. loves

5.a. flies

6.d. doesn’t dance

7.a. Complains

8.a. don’t

9.d. Know

10.a. doesn’t