English Prose Comprehension (solved) for standard 5 to 8-Passage-2

Couple in mountain-top drama

Read the passage and answer the following questions :

A couple from Leeds was dramatically airlifted to safety from an isolated mountain-top on the Isle of Skye last weekend.

Shelly Reid, 33,and her boyfriend Max Jackson, 34,were on a walking holiday on the Scottish island when the incident happened. The couple had decided to take a shortcut through some woods, but soon found themselves on the edge of a slippery cliff with nightfall fast approaching.

Fortunately, Shelly was able to get a signal on her mobile phone and managed to alert the rescue services. Within several minutes of making the call, a helicopter arrived and airlifted the couple to safety.

Shelly said, “we felt so frightened and alone up there. I don’t know what would have happened if I could not have got a signal on my phone .”

Undeterred, the couple have decided to continue their holiday and are due back next week. Max said, “We’ll stick to the main footpaths from now on and would advise anyone walking around here else to do the same. “

1.What are the names of the couple:

  • i) Shelly Raid
  • ii) Max Jackson
  • iii) Shelly Raes and Mack Jackson
  • iv) Both i and ii

2. What was their age?

  • i) 33,35
  • ii) 35,34
  • iii)33,34
  • iv) 34,32

3. What was the name of the mountain?

  • i) Isle of Skye
  • ii) Kamet
  • iii) Both i and ii
  • iv) None of the above

4. What was the mistake they did?

  • i) tried to take a shortcut through the woods
  • ii) came to the island
  • iii) both i and ii
  • iv) none of the above

5. What came for the couple rescue?

  • i) an aeroplane
  • ii) a jet
  • iii) a helicopter
  • iv) few travellers

6. What helped them to save themselves?

  • i) the helicopter
  • ii) the mobile signal
  • iii) the mobile
  • iv) the couple themselves

7. What did Max decide to tell others?

  • i) to come to the island again
  • ii) to never take shortcut way
  • iii) to always follow the original path
  • iv) both ii and iii

8. What did the couple do after their rescue?

  • i) returned home
  • ii) continued their holiday
  • iii) stayed back in the woods
  • iv) both ii and iii

9. What was the name of the island?

  • i) Anguilla island
  • ii) Cuba island
  • iii) Scottish island
  • iv) none of the above

10. What does airlifted mean here?

  • i) saved after getting a call
  • ii) organized delivery of supplies
  • iii) to rescue via helicopter
  • iv) both ii and iii