-Read Comprehension-

Rain causes flood inĀ  Chennai! Rivers run-down streets in Adyar, Chennai.

People living in Chennai were hit by torrential rain last night, which made rivers run down the streets.

Our reader Miss Maya, who sent us a photograph said, “I had to wade The meteorological department reported that Chennai received 14.9 cm of rainfall last night. Incessant rain caused water logging in many parts of Chennai. St. Thomas Mount, Velachery, Anna Nagar and T Nagar, witnessed widespread water logging.

They had to go through knee-deep water to go to the shop for milk and bread. My friends frantically put sandbags in front of there so the water didn’t run into their house! “

Read the passage and answer the following questions:

1. What was the type of rain Chennai people experienced?

i) monsoon rain

ii) torrential rain

iii) orographic rain

iv) none of the above

2. Who was the reader to send the photographs?

i) Miss Kaya

ii) Mrs Kaya

iii) Mrs Maya

iv) Miss Maya

3. How much rain Chennai received?

i) 14.9 mm

ii) 14.9 cm

iii) 14.8 cm

iv) 14.7 mm

4. What does incessant rain caused in Chennai?

i) flood

ii) hailstones

iii) waterlogging

iv) Both ii and iii

5. The places that witnessed widespread water logging:

i) Thomas Mount, Velachery, Anna Nagar

ii) T Nagar

iii) both i and ii

iv) none of the above

6. What was the deepness of water explained?

i) waist deep

ii) knee deep

iii) foot deep

iv) all of the above

7. Who informed about the measurement of rain?

i) Meteorological department

ii) Rain department

iii) News reporter

iv) both i and iii

8. The one way mentioned in the passage that people stopped water entering their house was:

i) built wooden bridges

ii) put stones

iii) put sand bags

iv) all of the above

9. Besides rain which water bounced into streets?

i) ocean

ii) rivers

iii) only rain

iv) all of the above

10. Which place in Chennai was affected more?

i) Adyar

ii) T Nagar

iii) all of the above

iv) none of the above