Read Comprehension-Champions Read!

Scientists excitedly revealed news yesterday that is sure to make the nation’s readers happy — readers become champions at everything they try.

Professor Brayne Storm announced, ‘We have long suspected that champions read, but it took a six year study to prove it. Now we have data to establish conclusively that readers out-perform non-readers in every task demanded of them.”

President of Alliance of Non-Readers, Ima Twitte, denounced the study. ” This is a typical waste of the tax-payers money. Ask any bloke in the street and he will tell you that reading is a waste of time. Nowadays I can learn whatever I want from Tv. I’ve have never been a reader, and look at me – I have a great job in the fast food industry, and I know lots of stuff, Phooey to readers.”

Despite what Mr. Twitte says, children across the nation are turning to reading as a fantastic way to learn and entertain themselves.

Read the passage and answer the following questions :

1. How many years were taken to prove that champions read?

i) 7 years

ii) 9 years

iii) 6 years

iv) 5 years

2. What was the name of the professor?

i) Professor Brayne

ii) Professor Brainne

iii) Professor Branye

iv) Professor Bruyne

3. Ima Twitte was the :

i) President of the Non-Readers

ii) President of the study purpose

iii) President of the Readers

iv) President of the alliance of Non-Readers

4. What did Ima Twitte do?

i)  supported reading

ii) denounced study

iii) announced study

iv) all of the above

5. Where does Ima Twitte worked?

i) in the ice cream industry

ii) in the fast food industry

iii) in a book industry

iv) none of the above

6. What was the thought of Ima Twitte about reading?

i) reading must be done regularly

ii) reading is a waste of time

iii) reading must be a practice

iv) no one should read.

7. What phrase proves that Readers are champions :

i) Phooey to readers

ii) Reading is a waste of time

iii) Readers out-perform non-readers in every task

iv) Nation are turning to reading in a fantastic way.

8. After Ima Twitte’s speech what nation is doing:

i) they left reading

ii) children became more studious

iii) Nation is reading more to learn and entertain themselves.

iv) Both ii and iii

9. Who revealed the news that readers become champions :

i) Ima Twitte

ii) The President

iii) The scientists

iv) The professor

10. What lesson we get from this passage?

i) We should not read

ii) Only champions read

iii) Champions read so we should also read.

iv) Readers become the champions.