Comprehension Passage-5 (PROSE UNSOLVED) CBSE-CLASS-6-10

Read comprehension-Shackleton sets sail

Shackleton this crew have finally launched The Endurance on route to Antarctica. They are planning to cross Antarctica via the South Pole.

The Wooden ship is loaded with warm clothes, plenty of food with a long shelf life, and even a huge team of strong dogs to pull the sleds.

Before leaving, Shackleton said,”I have wanted to be an explorer since I was a boy and this is my dream come true.”

Having moved from Ireland to London to be educated, Shackleton rejected his father’s wishes to become a doctor. Instead, he joined the merchant navy when he was 16 and qualified as a master mariner in 1898. He travelled widely but was keen to explore the poles.

“I know it’s going to be hard,”said a crew member,”but I’m so excited to be part of this adventure.”

Shackleton will have to navigate his ship through a thick ice pack before he is able to leave the ship and begin his exploration on foot.

It is dangerous journey, but if Shackleton achieves his goal, he will go down in history.

Read the passage and answer the following questions.

1.Shackleton and his crew were on their way to :

i)  Atlantica via south pole

ii) Antarctica via south pole

iii) America

iv) Antarctica via North pole

2. The dogs were with them to:

i) Protect their team

ii) To have entertainment

iii) To pull the sleds

iv) All of the above

3. When does Shackleton dreamt of becoming a sailor.

i) Since his childhood.

ii) When he became an adult

iii) When he saw a dream in his childhood.

iv) When he experienced something .

4. When did he joined merchant navy:

i) at the age of 16,1989

ii) at the age of 18,1898

iii) at the age of 16,1899

iv) at the age of 16,1898

5. What was his main attraction :

i) he was keen to explore the poles.

ii) he was keen to explore the whole world

iii) he was keen to travel to Antarctica.

iv) all of the above

6. Why this journey would be dangerous?

i) because of the ice pack the ship has to go through.

ii) because of the jungle around the sea.

iii) because it is very cold.

iv) because they were stuck in an ice berg.

7. Shackleton’s father wanted his son to become:

i) a doctor

ii) an engineer

iii) a navy officer

iv) a traveller

8. What does keen mean here:

i) eager

ii) passionate

iii) excited

iv) very interesting.

9. What would make Shackleton create history?

i) if he crosses this dangerous journey

ii) if he retires from his post

iii) if he would overcome this ice pack

iv) all of the above.

10. Shackleton was:

i) captain of the endurance

ii) caption of the ship

iii) both i and ii

iv) none of the above.