Comprehension Passage-4(PROSE UNSOLVED)CBSE-CLASS-6-10

    Read comprehension- Oracle

The mighty city of Rome is in chaos tonight as an out of control fire sweeps across the city. Citizens have been forced to flee their burning homes, as buildings collapse and businesses are ruined. Fanned by strong winds, the raging inferno quickly devoured whole sections of this wonderful city as flames like living devils leapt from buildng to building. People are fighting a losing battle, with some officials claiming this could be the end of Rome as we know it!

‘We were just bathing when we heard the terrible sound of a nearby building  collapsing accompanied by horrendous screams!’ one citizen tells us.’There was a chariot racing station. She was with her younger suddenly choking smoke. My poor wife brother burnt her arm and my brother is still missing. Someone said it was the Christians. Those Christians have a lot to answer for!’

But Octavia Lucida, an XI-year-old, claims she was an eyewitness to the beginning of this terrifying event. She  has a different theory and it does not include blaming the Christians. ‘They are a peaceful people. Their religion is based on peace, and it is becoming more and more popular,’ she explained to us. She was one of the lucky ones to have escaped the fire.

She went on to tell us how she saw a suspicious- looking fellow behind the Circus Maximus – the main chariot racing station. She was with her younger brother Tacitus near the shop. A fellow wearing a red cloak, with a wicked, single glittering eye and an eye-patch, had started a fire in the doorway. He was then seen to run away with a grin on his face.’ The Christians have set my shop alight!’ she heard him cry.

But minutes later, the shop owner himself came around the corner, only to see his livelihood go up in smoke. He is a Christian -so none of this makes any sense…

This is beginning to look more like a hate crime to us at The Oracle. Will these poor Christians ever be accepted in our usually tolerant city?

Read the following passage and answer the following questions.

1. What was the age of girl who was an eyewitness?

i. XII-year old

ii. IX-year old

iii. XI-year old

iv.  XIII-year old

2. What was the name if the girl?

i.  Octavia Lucida

ii. Octavail Lucido

iii.  Lucida

iv. Octavia Lucida

3. What defines the person who started the fire in the doorway the most:-

i. wearing orange cloak,  with a wicked single glittering eye.

ii. wearing red cloak, with a wicked, single glittering eye and an eye-patch

iii. with a wicked, silver eye and a red eye-patch

iv.  wearing a red and golden cloak, with an eye-mask

4. Where was the girl and her brother who saw the man?

i. Circus Minimus- the main chariot racing.

ii. Circus Maximus-the main chariot racing station.

iii. Circus Maximus-the main horse racing station.

iv. Circus Mandelous-the main racing station.

5. Who were blamed for setting Rome alight? 

i. Catholics

ii. The Christians

iii. The British

iv. Jew

6. What were the officials claiming while the people were fighting the loosing battle?

i. This could be the beginning of the peace in Rome.

ii. This could be the end of Rome.

iii. This could turn into a winning battle for Rome.

iv. None of the above.

7. Give one word to describe the crime.

i. Horrendous crime

ii. Terrifying crime

iii. Hate crime

iv.  None of the above

8. What is the meaning of flee here? 

i. To fly away

ii. To run away from their homes

iii. To leave their homes

iv. all of the above

9. What is the word given in the passage for ‘destroyed completely’? 

i. Burnt

ii. Alight

iii. ruined

iv. Devoured

10. Select the correct meaning of accompanied

i. To give company

ii. A company

iii. Occur

iv.  Copy