•       Read the following passage and answer the questions:-

Tirunagaru Maruthi Rao, 52, the prime accused in the “honour killing “of a Dalit youth, P.Pranay Kumar was found dead in a room at Arya Vysya Bhavan, in Hyderabad, on Sunday. The police suspect that Rao could have committed suicide by consuming poisonous substances.

In a note purportedly kept by him, where he asked his wife to forgive him and told their daughter to live with his wife. “We didn’t find any bottle in the room. However the exact reason will be known after the autopsy report”, Saifabad Inspector Ch. Saidi Reddy said.

In January 2018, his only daughter, Amruthavarshini, got married to 24 years old, Pranay against his wish. He opposed the inter-caste marriage and allegedly heird assassins to kill his son-in-law. They hacked Pranay to death as he came out from a hospital with his pregnant wife after a routine medical check-up in that September that year. Rao and the other accused were e arrested within a few days. Ms. Amruthavarshini later gave birth to a boy.

Rao, an influential businessman in Miryalaguda, who had been out on bail for the last few months, came to Hyderabad on Saturday evening to meet his advocate and check into the room no.306 at Arya Vysya Bhavan. However, on Saturday, Rao’s wife, Girija called and asked the driver to check on him as he was not responding to her repeated calls. After Rao failed to open the door, his driver, Bellamkonda Rajesh, along with the help of the Bhavan staff broke open the door. “When I entered the room, I found him lying motionless. Soon the staffs alerted the police, who rushed to the spot and sniffed the body to the Osmania General Hospital”, Rajesh said.

Family members said that for the last three of four days, Rao was worried about the outcome of the case and was in search of a good advocate. Some police personnel and advocates felt that his chances of conviction were strong. “The hospital CCTV footage that captures the attack on Pranay and Rao’s call logs with the other accused were irrefutable evidence”, said a Miryalaguda-based lawyer. The police said the Rao’s daughter had complained earlier that her family was repeatedly trying for a rapprochement.

Associations linked with the Arya Vysya Community expressed shock and grief about the sudden death of their most successful icon in the town. “We are unable to digest the news. ”Said the district president of Arya Vysya Sangham Yanna Murali. Family sources said that the last rites would be held in the town on Monday.

Amruthavarshini, Maruthi Rao’s daughter, said she had not been in contact with her father ever after the murder of her husband. Speaking to the reporters outside her in-laws’ house, in Miryalahuda, moments after Rao’s body was found, she said she learnt about the news on the television. “I did not speak or meet him [Rao] after Pranay’s murder,” she said. Asked about his sudden death, especially when the court proceedings are going on, she said, “He must have felt remorseful for what he had done.”


1. Who is the prime accused?

       a)Pranay Kumar

       b)Tirunagaru Maruthi

       c)Saidi Reddy

       d)Bellamkonda Rajesh

2.Where was the dead body of Maruthi found?

       a)in a room at Arya Vysya Bhavan

              b)in the bathroom of Arya Vysya Bhavan

              c)in the garden of Arya Vysya Bhavan

              d)in the road

3.What did Rao ask his wife in the letter?

a)about his murder

b) never to talk to her daughter

c) to forgive him for his deeds

d) told her to leave with her daughter

4. How old was Pranay during his marriage?

a) 24 years old

b) 25 years old

c) 34 years old

d) 21 years old

5. To whom did Maruthi kill?

a) the driver, Bellamkonda Rajesh

b) his daughter, Amruthavarshini

c) his wife, Girija

d) his son-in-law, Pranay Kumar

6. What was Rao’s profession?

a) he was a school teacher

b) he was working in a bank

c) he was a police officer

d) he was an influential businessman

7. To whom did Girija call when she found that Rao was not responding to her repeated calls?

a)to the driver

b)to the manager

c)to the Bhavan staff

d)to the police officer

8.For how long was Rao worried over the outcome of the case, according to the family members?

a)for 4-5days

b)for 3-4days

c)for 5-6days

d)for 1-2days

9. Why did Rao kill his son-in-law?

a)cause Pranay was a driver

b)cause he was against the inter-caste marriage

c)cause he fixed his daughter’s marriage with someone else

d)cause Pranay was having another wife

10. How did Amruthavarshini hot the report of her father’s death?

a)her mother had informed her

b)she was present at that moment in the Bhavan

c)she learnt about it on the television

d)the police officer informed her


  1. b)Tirunagaru Maruthi
  2. a)in a room at Arya Vysya Bhavan
  3. 3.c) to forgive him for his deeds
  4. a) 24 years old
  5. d) his son-in-law, Pranay Kumar
  6. d) he was an influential businessman
  7. a)to the driver
  8. b)for 3-4days
  9. b)cause he was against the inter-caste marriage
  10. c)she learnt about it on the television