Basic Sentence Punctuation-Test Your Grammar Skills- 2

Basic Sentence Punctuation

Write the sentences and add capital letters, full stops and question marks:

  1. how do I get to the library from here

  1. the coach for london leaves in about half an hour

  1. my birthday is in september i usually go out for a drink with my friends

  1. what do you want for dinner tonight

  1. birmingham is the second largest city in the uk

  1. i’ll have a coke please and two packets of walkers crisps

  1. if you need to see a consultant go to the derbyshire royal infirmary

  1. mary poppins is my mum’s favourite film she likes julie andrews

  1. i drive a red fiat punto and my uncle drives a green bmw

  1. i joined morton park golf club last week it was very expensive